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Category: web 2.0

Spellbound Blog on Twitter

I little while back I created a Twitter account for Spellbound Blog. So far I have just been posting pointers back to my blog posts on it, but I do plan to start using it to share other tidbits (like a link to today’s Doonsbury that features fictional Library of Congress archivist Violet McPhee).

A question for those playing along at home – would you be more likely to follow Spellbound Blog on Twitter or add Spellbound Blog to your network on Or happy to do both?

If you already have the Spellbound Blog RSS feed in your feed reader, perhaps links shouldn’t be mixed in with alerts about new blog posts? This would mean that would be a better place to put links. Are more folks in the archives community on Twitter or Maybe I can inspire  ArchivesNext to post a poll about which of these services people are actually using?

ps. When did become

SAA Wiki 2008: Create an account and add your voice!

SAA 2008 WikiAs of this writing, seventy-three individuals have created accounts on the UnOfficial Wiki of the 2008 SAA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Where are the rest of you? For all of you wondering why to create an account, here are some reasons to join the wiki fun:

Not presenting?  There are still plenty of ways you can use the wiki to improve your conference experience.

Not going to the conference? Look through the Introductions page and take the opportunity to reconnect with your colleagues. The annual meeting gives everyone a chance to focus on the latest thoughts and activities in the archives community – no matter where you are. See a session you wish you could attend? Add a note to that session’s page – let the presenters and those who might blog the session know about your interest.

Have questions or need help? Drop me a message via my contact page and I will lend a hand. Remember – wikis are very sturdy, you won’t break it!