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A Blogging Landmark – 100,000 Words and Counting

Odometer by Melissa Doroquez via Flickr

This afternoon I realized that I had passed a new landmark here on Spellbound Blog – I have published over 100,000 words! 100,208 words in 137 posts to be exact (thank you TD Word Count plugin).

Since I managed to miss my 2 year blogiversary back in July, this seems like a fine time to thank you all for sticking with me and giving me such great feedback over the past 2+ years. Since my Happy Birthday post in July of 2007, Google Analytics tells me that I have had 14,901 unique visitors to my blog from 139 different countries and territories and Feedburner tells me that I have over 400 subscribers to my RSS feed.

So, thank you everyone for giving my posts some of your precious time. Now, onward to 200,000 words!

Image Credit: 100,000 Miles by Melissa Doroquez via Flickr.

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