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SAA2008: Hitting the ground running

I am gearing up for my first day at the SAA annual meeting here in San Francisco. I am still not totally sure what I am going to attend today – each slot has at least 3 interesting looking sessions. For those of you not familiar with how I blog at conferences, I will NOT be live blogging. Live blogging (as I define it) is sitting in a session and recording my notes and thoughts during the session and posting it as fast as possible. Instead I will be taking notes during the sessions – and then turning them into posts on each session at a later time. Sometimes I manage to do this while I am still at the conference. Sometimes this happens over the course of the week or two after the conference. This lets me add links, draw connections between the sessions and get a bit more perspective. I don’t promise to blog every session I attend, but if the past two years are any indication I should manage better than half.

In a side note – if you are staying at the conference hotel and have paid the fee to access Internet from within your hotel room ($15 a day!), you can then call down to the front desk and get a magic code to use in order to get wireless wherever it is available within the hotel.

I hope to meet as many of you as I can this year. The one guaranteed place to find me is during my session on Saturday morning at 9:30 am: Session 602: After the Revolution: Unleashing the Power of EAD. If you read my blog, feel free to come and introduce yourself. It is nice to know who is out there!

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