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Geek Archivist and Other T-Shirts

I have a new favorite procrastination technique – putting together graphics and opening CafePress shops! These are ideas I have had for ages (and more are in the works). I suspect they will be great tools for starting interesting conversations with both colleagues, friends and the general public. Please take a look the ones below and see what you think. I should be wearing my GEEK ARCHIVIST t-shirt at SAA if you want to see one in person. I have also created an Archivist Fun T-shirts page for you to use to find all the current designs as I add them.

geek archivist logo

Born Digital Logo

Born Analog Logo

Forgive the poor graphic quality on the thumbnails above – the resizing image magic of WordPress is not all it could be. The images used in the the actual products were created using the specifications set out by the CafePress folks and therefore should be totally clear on the t-shirts, bags, mouse pads and other fun stuff I found to slap them on. Let me know if there is a product you wish I was offering that I haven’t included yet (mugs? aprons? their list of offerings is amazing).

Hope they make you smile as much as they are making me smile.

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  1. Russell D. James, CA

    I for one am going to buy the Geek Archivist t-shirt. Here are some other ideas to put in the mix:

    1. Archivist Do It Best in Dark, Humid Places!
    2. My Daddy (Mommy) Is An Arvichist
    3. Paper Problem? Call an Archivist
    4. Got bugs? Call and exterminator. Got paper? Call and archivist.
    5. How Many Archivists Does it Take to Screw In a Lightbulb? None, we work for more money than that.
    6. Super Archivist
    7. Digital Super Hero
    8. Records Seamstress – I Keep History Put Together
    9. I Respect de Fonds!
    10. I Believe in Original Order!
    11. Provenance is my Middle Name
    12. Archivists Don’t Create History – We Save It!
    13. Got Any Records?
    14. Archivists – Not Like Mike!
    15. I’m an Archivist – I Can Use a Bonefolder With Proficiency.
    16. Archivists – The Next Generation of Superheroes
    17. Cold and Dark – My Kind of Place
    18. Archivists Keep Freedom Alive
    19. I AM an American (Canadian, British, etc.) Archivist!
    20. You Can Never Have Too Many Archivists!
    21. I Got Friends in Dark Places – I’m An Archivist
    22. Forever Free – Archivists Preserve Tomorrow Today
    23. Do I Pickle? No, but I Do Preserve (Paper, that is)
    24. Archivist (n.) – Certified Packrat
    25. A Collector In Need Calls An Archivist, Indeed.
    26. Too Many Archivists? No, Too Much Paper
    27. I’m a Records Detective – I Follow Paper Trails
    28. Provenance Is a Virtue, Too!
    29. So Much Paper, So Little Time
    30. Archivists Will Survive a Nuclear Holocaust – We’ll Be In the Basement
    31. Processing Is My Middle Name
    32. I’m An Archivist – I Bring Order to Disorder
    33. Record Groups Don’t Scare Me – I’m An Archivist!
    34. Archivists Are Your Best Friend
    35. Archivists – History Keepers
    36. Archivists – The True History Detectives
    37. I De-acidify For A Living
    38. Archivists – Catching History For Your Future
    39. Archivists Like It Cold
    40. Save Your History – Call An Archivist
    41. So Many Records, So Little Time
    42. Manuscripts Turn Me On!!!
    43. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’m an Archivist, How About You?
    44. How ‘Bout You and Me Go Process Together?
    45. Batman Has Nothing On Me. I’m an Archivist!
    46. Archivists – Catching History One Byte and Sheet at a Time
    47. Too Many Politicians, Not Enough Archivists
    48. Shakespeare said “Kill All the Lawyers,” Not the Archivists.
    49. I Live For Retention Schedules!
    50. Finding Aids Are My Only Friends
    51. Cheap Paper. Cheap Ink. Expensive Archivists!
    52. Riding on the Archivist Wave – No Coming Down Soon.

    That is just a start, I could be at this all day. Feel free to use whichever ones you want on the CafePress site, but please give yourself a marketing brand with your shirts.

  2. Jeanne

    Thank you everyone for the kind words!

    Russell – that is an amazing list. Thank you so much for sharing them. I will definitely keep it handy when I work on my next set of products. We shall see how the first set goes over… I may splurge and upgrade to a premium shop so I can have all my products under one umbrella.

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