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Learn About Wikis on Second Life (May 25th, 2008)

In case you always wondered how wikis can help archivists, this Sunday (May 25th, 2008) will see archivists gathering in Second Life to answer this question.

  • When: Sunday May 25th, 9pm-10.30pm GMT (5pm-6:30pm EDT)
  • Where: Open Air Auditorium at Cybrary City, Second Life

This sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. If you have been looking for a reason to explore Second Life or you have been wondering about how wikis are being used to benefit archives and special collections (or both!) – this looks like a great combination.

Learn more about this event via the Second Life Library Project post How on Virtual Earth can Wikis Help Archivists?.

In the interest of full disclosure – I admit that I won’t be there. The first (and last) time I tried to explore Second Life I got motion sick after about 15 minutes. I understand that this is not very common – but since I am one of those people who get motion sick watching others play 3D video games I wasn’t too surprised. I have a theory about trying again one day with a Second Life expert at my side to help me tweak my settings to the least ‘hand held camera’ version of the Second Life experience – I just haven’t gotten there yet. Any tips from Second Life gurus welcome!

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  1. Christian

    First of all, thank you for mentioning our gathering in Second Life. Too bad you can’t be there, but I’m afraid I can’t heal your motion sickness in a day either..

    What may help is the fact that the Second Life interface has a button set for movements, and controlling the camera. That way you’ll have much less of a hand held camera effect, than with controlling the avatar, and your camera, using a mouse.

    Please try it once.. but at your own risk! 😉

  2. Jeanne


    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely give it a try. All I need to do now is remember my login info!


  3. Christian

    Jeanne, else you can always setup a new account. Anyway, if you’re ever in-world, you may always give me a virtual call, and we could even meet up some time.. in a virtual way! 🙂

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