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Digital Archiving Articles – netConnect Spring 2007

Thanks to Jessamyn West’s blog post, I found my way to a series of articles in the Spring 2007 edition of netConnect:

“Saving Digital History” is the longest of the three and is a nice survey of many of the issues found at the interseciton of archiving, born digital records and the wild world of the web. I especially love the extensive Link List at the end of the articles — there are lots of interesting related resources. This is the sort of list of links I wish were available with ALL articles online!

I can see the evolution of some of the ideas she and her co-speakers touched on in their session at SAA 2006: Everyone’s Doing It: What Blogs Mean for Archivists in the 21st Century. I hope we continue to see more of these sorts of panels and articles. There is a lot to think about related to these issues – and there are no easy answers to the many hard questions.

Update: Here is a link to Jessamyn’s presentation from the SAA session mentioned above: Capturing Collaborative Information News, Blogs, Librarians, and You.

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  1. Laura

    Thank you, Jeanne, for your comment on my blog! One of my plans this weekend was to do exactly as you suggested: organize and post some pictures of the archives of the various institutions. It will be a huge wave of posts on my blog, but it will be helpful. The information about each Appalachian College Association (ACA) member college’s archives may come later. I have been using photos and video to help me document materials so I can reference them in my report later (those items I just didn’t have enough time to count but could count in a high resolution photo).
    Anyway, thanks for the comment and stop by again in about a week and hopefully I will have more interesting material up. 🙂

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