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My name is Jeanne. I am a graduate student in an Archives program pursuing my MLS (aka, Master of Library Science). I have enjoyed all my classes to date (3) and I love the ideas that those classes have generated. Sometimes I leave class with just as many personal ideas scrawled in the margins of my notebook as class notes written on the main page. I am especially intrigued by the ways in which concepts from different fields intersect. How do ideas from my current field of software development and database design illuminate new issues, questions and concepts in the realm of archival studies?

I am particularly interested in topics related to audio and visual archival materials, digitization, description, meta-data, and retention of context in digitized collections.

So, here we are – you reading and I writing. I hope to make you think about things in a way you may not have before. I hope if you have been down the mental road I am taking and you have noticed something that I have missed, you might take a moment to point it out to me.

Please – ask questions and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Conall

    Woo hoo. I like the layout. You should talk with Marduk about library sciences. He just got his degree and is on the job hunt as we speak! Also, I hear you have smugmug pics of Preachanii related materials. Where are those located soz I can peeps, eh?


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