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Overview of Partners for Preservation

This friendly llama (spotted in the Flickr Commons [1]) is here to give you a quick high-level tour of Partners for Preservation.

The book’s ten chapters have been organized into three sections:

Part 1: Memory, Privacy, and Transparency

Part 2: The Physical World: Objects, Art, and Architecture

 Part 3: Data and Programming

As I recruited authors to write a chapter, the vision for each individual chapter evolved. Each author contributed their own spin on the topic I originally proposed. There were two things I had hoped for and was particularly pleased to have come to pass. First was that I learned new things about each of the fields addressed in the book. The second was discovering threads that wove through multiple chapters. While the chapters are each freestanding and you may read the book’s chapters in any order you like, the section groupings were designed to help highlight common threads of interest to archivists focused on digital preservation.

The book also includes a foreword by Nancy McGovern [12], and my own introductory and final thoughts.

I will be writing a blog post about each chapter’s author(s) and sharing some favorite tidbits along the way. Thanks for your interest in Partners for Preservation [13]. [Updated 1/29/2018 to add links above to the chapter spotlight posts]

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