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Interactive Archivist: Spellbound Blog as a Case Study

I realized while at MARAC at the end of October that I never posted here about the completion and publication of the Interactive Archivist: Case Studies in Utilizing Web 2.0 to Improve the Archival Experience [1]. The brainchild of J. Gordon Daines III and Cory Nimer [2], this free SAA ePublication [3] only exists online and brings together ten Web 2.0 archivist-oriented case studies [4] covering blogs, mashups, tagging, wikis, Facebook and more. It also includes thorough introductions to each of the technologies [5] covered by case studies, an annotated bibliography [6] and a link to a living list of resources on Delicious [7].

My contribution to the collection is titled Spellbound Blog: Using Blogs as a Professional Development Opportunity [8]. I don’t spend much time on this blog talking about blogging, so if you ever wanted to know more about why I blog or are considering starting a blog yourself – my case study might be of interest.

Thank you again to Gordon and Cory for including me as part of their project. I think that it is a great contribution to the cultural heritage community at large. These case studies take a wide range of new technologies and make them accessible through real examples and lessons learned. I don’t know about you, but I believe I learn at least 10x as much from someone’s first hand experience than I would from an abstracted explanation of how one might use a new technology. I hope you find the Interactive Archivist [1] as rich a resource as I believe you will.

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