Thoughts on Digital Preservation, Validation and Community

Posted on 6th July 2007
Under: archival community, born digital records, digitization, electronic records, future-proofing, internet archiving, preservation, software | 2 Comments »

WordPress Blog Magic – A look under the hood

Posted on 22nd June 2007
Under: blogs, interface design, open source, software | 9 Comments »

Book Review: Dreaming in Code (a book about why software is hard)

Posted on 24th May 2007
Under: book review, context, electronic records, journalism, learning technology, open source, preservation, software | 1 Comment »

ArchivesZ: Visualizing Archival Collections

Posted on 13th May 2007
Under: access, ArchivesZ, EAD, historical research, information visualization, interface design, metadata, search, software, what if | 8 Comments »

RSS and Mainstream News Outlets

Posted on 3rd May 2007
Under: journalism, outreach, RSS, software | 3 Comments »

Visualizing Archival Collections

Posted on 8th April 2007
Under: access, EAD, information visualization, interface design, search, software | 1 Comment »

Getting Your Toes Wet: Basic Principals of Design for the New Web

Posted on 5th April 2007
Under: access, interface design, software | No Comments »

Supporting Appraisal of Digital Records

Posted on 28th March 2007
Under: appraisal, born digital records, electronic records, future-proofing, metadata, software | No Comments »

Understanding Born Digital Records: Journalists and Archivists with Parallel Challenges

Posted on 17th February 2007
Under: access, born digital records, context, database design, electronic records, future-proofing, historical research, journalism, preservation, search, software | 3 Comments »

Should we be archiving fonts?

Posted on 9th February 2007
Under: born digital records, future-proofing, preservation, software | 1 Comment »
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