The CODATA Mission: Preserving Scientific Data for the Future

Posted on 18th February 2013
Under: access, born digital records, digitization, future-proofing, GIS, preservation, software | 1 Comment »

CURATEcamp Processing 2012

Posted on 5th August 2012
Under: at risk records, born digital records, electronic records, future-proofing | 2 Comments »

Day of Digital Archives

Posted on 6th October 2011
Under: born digital records, digital humanities, digitization, electronic records, future-proofing, learning technology | No Comments »

Rescuing 5.25″ Floppy Disks from Oblivion

Posted on 25th July 2011
Under: at risk records, electronic records, future-proofing, learning technology, preservation, software | 19 Comments »

SXSWi: You’re Dead, Your Data Isn’t: What Happens Now?

Posted on 31st March 2011
Under: at risk records, born digital records, future-proofing, preservation, privacy, SXSW | 3 Comments »

Encouraging Participation in the Census

Posted on 5th March 2010
Under: future-proofing, historical research, internet archiving, photography, privacy, video | 3 Comments »

Leveraging Google Reader’s Page Change Tracking for Web Page Preservation

Posted on 26th January 2010
Under: at risk records, future-proofing, internet archiving, learning technology | 5 Comments »

Blog Action Day 2009: IEDRO and Climate Change

Posted on 16th October 2009
Under: at risk records, Blog Action Day, digitization, future-proofing, transcription | No Comments »

DH2009: Digital Lives and Personal Digital Archives

Posted on 25th June 2009
Under: at risk records, born digital records, DH2009, digital humanities, e-mail, electronic records, future-proofing, photography, preservation | No Comments »

Another Thrilling Digital Adventure With Team Digital Preservation

Posted on 6th May 2009
Under: born digital records, future-proofing, metadata, preservation, video | 5 Comments »
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