ArchivesZ Poster Wins 2nd Place at GRID 2009

2nd PlaceThe title says it all. I won 2nd place in the “Smart Computers and Computing” section of the University of Maryland’s Graduate Research Interaction Day (GRID) for my poster ArchivesZ: Visualizing Archival Collections (what is in all those boxes?).

1st place in “Smart Computers and Computing” went to the fabulous Dave Levin for his presentation on TrInc: Small Trusted Hardware for Large Distributed Systems.

Overall, it was a great experience. I wish I could have been in multiple rooms at the same time so I could have seen more posters and presentations. I also wished I had understood that I could have presented with either a poster or a power point deck. That was not entirely clear ahead of time. The downside of of my choice was being tied to my poster, but the upside is that I still have the poster that can be examined by readers like you. Obviously it all worked out in the end.

A big thanks to everyone in the Graduate Student Government who worked so hard to bring this event together.
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Posted on 22nd April 2009
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2 Responses to “ArchivesZ Poster Wins 2nd Place at GRID 2009”

  1. Ben Brumfield Says:

    Congratulations! What sorts of questions did people have?

  2. Jeanne Says:

    These are the questions I remember:
    1) How common is the use of EAD?
    2) Do you envision this as being a centralized repository for EAD?

    We talked a bit about how it is an international standard and how I imagine (in a perfect world, and after lots of hard work) having ArchivesZ supporting visualization of as many English language finding aids as we can gather in one place. Lots more work to do related to harvesting and updating finding aids that is out of scope for this phase – but in my mind for the future.

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