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Archival Photographs as Art: A Part of Larry Sultan’s Legacy

Posted on 16th December 2009
Under: appraisal, book review, context, photography | 2 Comments »

Interactive Archivist: Spellbound Blog as a Case Study

Posted on 17th November 2009
Under: archival community, interface design, learning technology, web 2.0 | No Comments »

Blog Action Day 2009: IEDRO and Climate Change

Posted on 16th October 2009
Under: at risk records, Blog Action Day, digitization, future-proofing, transcription | No Comments »

Flickr Galleries: Fun with Flickr Commons

Posted on 12th October 2009
Under: interface design, outreach, photography, virtual collaboration | 1 Comment »

SEO Evaluation of an Archival Website: Looking at UMBC’s Digital Collections

Posted on 12th September 2009
Under: access, context, interface design, search, SEO, software | 8 Comments »

A History of Our Own, Representing Communities and Identities on the Web (SAA09: Session 202)

Posted on 8th September 2009
Under: archival community, diversity, SAA2009, software, virtual collaboration, web 2.0 | 1 Comment »

Archival Collections Online: Reaching Audiences Beyond The Edge of Campus (SAA09: Session 405)

Posted on 25th August 2009
Under: access, archival community, interface design, learning technology, outreach, SAA2009, virtual collaboration, web 2.0 | No Comments »

SAA09: My Session on Online Communities (Session 101)

Posted on 13th August 2009
Under: archival community, learning technology, SAA2009, virtual collaboration, web 2.0 | No Comments »

THATCamp Austin 2009: Now Accepting Applications

Posted on 25th July 2009
Under: digital humanities, SAA2009, THATCamp Austin 2009 | No Comments »

DH2009: Digital Curiosities and Amateur Collections

Posted on 29th June 2009
Under: access, at risk records, DH2009, digital humanities, digitization, learning technology, metadata, outreach, virtual collaboration, web 2.0 | 3 Comments »
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